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    Public Relations | Chemieliva Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd


    We want Chemieliva Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd to be your

    first preferred choice whenever products and service

     quality are concerned. We wish to set standards and

    become an indispensable partner for our customers

    and suppliers. We are working on this every single day!

    Looking forward to your

    first cooperation!


    For further information please contact: 


    C h e m i e l i v a  p h a r m a c e u t i c a l  C o . ,  L t d   
    99 Longhua Road,,Yubei District, 401147,
    Chongqing, China


    Contact person
     Wang Shan
    Tel.: +86 23 6777 0219
    Fax: +86 23 6777 0220


    Chemieliva adds new pharmaceutical excipients to their product range
    Chemieliva introduces new vegetarian bacon flavour in the UK
    Chemieliva is appointed distributor by